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I am afraid of the dentist

Many people have genuine fear over going to the dentist, ranging from fear of needles and pain to poor experiences in the past. Here at Hackensack Dentist, Dr. Azar and our staff work hard to assure your comfort while sitting in our chair. We educate and communicate with each patient, using gentle techniques to thoroughly address the problem without any extra pain for you.

I have pain and discomfort

When you're having tooth pain, sometimes you just want to wait and let it go away by itself. Instead of waiting, go and call us at Hackensack Dentist. We will address your pain with respect and kindness, doing everything in our power to make it end quickly. We are here for you.

I'm embarrassed to smile

It’s amazing how far cosmetic dentistry has come over the years. If you have crooked, cracked, misaligned, miscolored teeth, Dr. Azar is the expert you can trust to restore your teeth to the smile you have always dreamed of having.

I have missing teeth - can't chew

Here at Hackensack Dentist, we have a multitude of options to replace missing teeth. Implants, bridges, dentures, we have the skills to give you a lifelong healthy smile.

I have an emergency

Broken tooth, abscesses, pain that refuses to go away, swelling? Contact us today so we can see you quickly and resolve the emergency as soon as possible.

I need a second opinion

Need to confirm medical opinion? We are here to help! Dr. Azar and associates will exam and diagnose what would be best for you and your oral health.
Hackensick Dentist | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Bridges and Implant Dentistry
Hackensick Dentist | CBCT, Extractions and Digital Impressions
Hackensick Dentist | Periodontal Treatment, Pediatric Dentistry and Emergency Treatment
Hackensick Dentist | Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign reg  and Digital Impressions

Advanced care in a calm, soothing environment

We’ve designed every aspect of our state-of-the-art office to provide a positive experience, deliver leading-edge care, and meet the highest safety and sterilization standards.

Conveniently located and easy to get to!

In addition to ample on-site parking for those traveling by car, we're easily accessible by bus!

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Granger Dentistry | Botox reg , Digital Impressions and Root Canals
Granger Dentistry | Implant Dentistry, Night Guards and E4D

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Granger Dentistry | Extractions, Periodontal Treatment and Digital Impressions
Granger Dentistry | Extractions, Dermal Fillers and Ceramic Crowns

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Granger Dentistry | Implant Dentistry, Crowns  amp  Caps and Invisalign reg
Granger Dentistry | Fluoride Treatment, Dermal Fillers and Root Canals

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Granger Dentistry | Juvederm reg , Dental Bridges and Periodontal Treatment
Granger Dentistry | Veneers, Root Canals and CEREC

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Granger Dentistry | All-on-6, Oral Exams and Preventative Program
Granger Dentistry | CEREC, Fluoride Treatment and Veneers

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Granger Dentistry | Juvederm reg , Snoring Appliances and Invisalign reg
Granger Dentistry | Dental Sealants, Implant Dentistry and ZOOM  Whitening

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Granger Dentistry | Digital Impressions, Oral Cancer Screening and Botox reg
Granger Dentistry | ZOOM  Whitening, Digital Radiography and All-on-6

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Granger Dentistry | Dental Lab, Orthodontics and Sedation Dentistry
Granger Dentistry | Oral Cancer Screening, E4D and Air Abrasion

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Granger Dentistry | Fluoride Treatment, Dental Lab and Root Canals
Granger Dentistry | ZOOM  Whitening, ClearCorrect reg  and Air Abrasion

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Granger Dentistry | TMJ Disorders, Snoring Appliances and CEREC
Granger Dentistry | Root Canals, Oral Exams and VELscope reg  Cancer Screening

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Skilled & dedicated professional team

Value patient input

Excellent treatment outcomes depend on trusting partnerships in care. Tell us about your smile. We’re listening.

A commitment to excellence

Providing personalized solutions using the most advanced technology and treatment methods.

Integrated, comprehensive care

Helping patients maintain healthy, beautiful smiles with care that supports overall wellness.

Hackensick Dentist | Root Canals, Pediatric Dentistry and Periodontal Treatment


With aligners that are practically invisible, only you will know that you're undergoing orthodontic care!

Granger Dentistry | Extractions, Periodontal Treatment and Digital Impressions

Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform an imperfect smile into one you're confident sharing!

Granger Dentistry | Implant Dentistry, Crowns  amp  Caps and Invisalign reg

Emergencies Welcome

We’re here for you when you need us most!

Hackensick Dentist | Crowns  amp  Caps, VELscope reg  Cancer Screening and Dental Bridges

Crowns & Caps

Crowns & Caps provides a better way to restore the involved tooth's integrity, function, and appearance.

Dental Care that supports your overall well-being.

Personalized solutions

We recognize that every smile is unique and provide customized care to address individual needs.

Compassionate care

Your comfort and care are our top priorities. We provide skilled, compassionate treatment in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Advanced technology

We offer the latest solutions while providing safe and comfortable care.

Accessible, affordable treatment

Begin care without additional stress or delay. Our office accepts many dental insurances and dental savings plans.

Meeting the highest standards for sterilization and the safe provision of care

Protecting your health and providing peace of mind

Contact us with your questions:

  • To protect everyone’s health and safety, we follow the infection control practices recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Granger Dentistry | Night Guards, Dental Cleanings and Pediatric Dentistry

Let us help bring out the best in your smile!

Granger Dentistry | Night Guards, Dental Cleanings and Pediatric Dentistry

About Us

Our goal is to help every patient experience the benefits of good oral health and a beautiful smile. We value the trust you have placed in our office and strive to provide solutions that meet your dental needs and expectations of care.


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